December 17, 2020

You can make disinfectant wipes at home by yourself

Due to the epidemic of new coronavirus pneumonia, daily disinfection is particularly important. The most commonly used is alcohol disinfection wipes. The price of alcohol disinfection wipes is more expensive. Even the alcohol content of the purchased wipes may not reach 75%. You can make it yourself, which saves money and guarantees that the alcohol content reaches the standard, and meets the needs of daily disinfection. The cost of making a pack of alcohol wipes by yourself is about 6-7 yuan, and buying such a pack requires more than 20 yuan. You can do it yourself and see.

Prepare a pack of dry tissues and a bottle of 75% alcohol

Homemade household disinfectant wipes

Open the sealing cover of the paper towel, add an appropriate amount of alcohol to the dry paper towel, and then pinch the sealing cover with your hands to make the paper towel fully moist.

How to make alcohol disinfection wipes

Usually you can carry a bag and draw a hand wipe or mobile phone at any time to meet daily disinfection. After use, put the sealing cap on for future use.

Alcohol is a flammable substance, pay attention to fire prevention and do not touch open flames.

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