December 17, 2020

What is the best way to deodorize indoors?

My previous master rented our house to a family, and now they have moved out, but I found a strange smell in this house, so I want to get rid of it quickly. But I am not sure, which things we use in our daily life can remove odors, and the effect is also good, can you help me say something?

1.You can go to the market to pick some high-tech deodorant cleaners, which can remove harmful gases emitted by newly decorated houses and new furniture. These deodorant cleaners are generally imported products, which use ammonia compounds to chemically react with harmful substances, thereby playing a role in deodorizing and cleaning.

2. Properly open a window on the top of the wall that is not directly air-dried for ventilation.

3. Tropical fruits can also be used to remove peculiar smell, with good effect, low cost and simple method. You can buy some pineapples or jackfruits and put a few in each room, and put more in large rooms. Because pineapple is a crude fiber fruit, it can not only absorb the smell of paint, but also achieve the clear fragrance of pineapple, and speed up the removal of peculiar smell, which has the best of both worlds.

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