Quick Details         Place of Origin: China
Brand Name:garying
Model Number:GV022
Packing:Color Box
Supply Ability:50000000 Piece/Pieces per Month
Packaging & Delivery
Packaging Details
Independently sealed packaging.Outer box 5 layer foreign trade carton
Picture Example:
Lead Time :
Quantity(Pieces) 1 – 600 601 – 10000 10001 – 50000 >50000
Est. Time(days) 7 10 15 To be negotiated
Product Description
Sterilization / bacteriostasis / disinfection / Inactivated virus magic egg Product Features:
This product is a new generation of air disinfection, antibacterial, virus blockade product developed and produced by GARYING.
The core technology of this product adopts the latest scientific research results jointly developed by GARYING and Hunan
University: granular precursor slow-release chlorine dioxide technology, which has the function of
sterilization/bacteriostasis/disinfection/ virus block out in a space of 1M3 More efficient, more durable and safer. The new granular sustained-release material, the self-contained bag can achieve a sustained-release effect of more than 60 days, and a supplement can be used for 60 days. After all is used up, you can still purchase refills to continue using.
The product adopts a novel colorful magic egg shape design, seven different colors can meet the individual requirements of different users.
The product is designed with a matching lanyard, which can be easily worn on backpacks, keychains, etc. It can also be placed on desks, children’s desks, dining tables, cars, bar counters, and other occasions when needed.
The sterilization rate is 99.98%, the odor removal rate is 97.6%, the aldehyde removal rate is 99.1%.Passed CE/RoHs/Gmicro Testing and issued a certificate.
working principle:
The product can provide 1m3 of space bacteria inhibition, space disinfection,including bacterial propagators, bacterial spores,fungi, and viruses.Most European and American countries have widely used it in food, medicine, public environment sterilization and preservative preservation.
Chlorine dioxide magic disinfection efficacy is also countless European and American homes to purify the first choice of air.For bacteria, chlorine dioxide can be adsorbed on the surface of bacteria in the air in an uncharged manner, regardless of PH value,killing bacteria.
Many historical practices and studies have shown that chlorine dioxide is a good killer of viruses, effective in cutting off all
channels of transmission (including airborne transmission).
After 4 years of research and development, the problem of slow release of chlorine dioxide was finally solved. The product is valid 2 month.It can be preserved for up to 5 years without activation.
According to the microorganism analysis and testing center in Guangdong Province of China, the sterilizing rate was up to 99.98%.
Product parameters and ingredients:
1. size: 40*40*60MM weight: 0.05kg
2. Package size: 42*42*72MM weight: 0.07kg
Instructions for use:
1) Take the eggs out of the box.
2) Tear off the sealing film on the egg, the slow-release body in the egg begins to contact the air, slow-release chlorine
dioxide, and starts to work in the surrounding space.
3) Eggs can be placed in the office desk, desk, dining table, bar, car and other occasions that need to be disinfected.
4) The attached hanging rope can also be fixed through the air hole on the top of the colored egg. Then hang the eggs on key rings, backpacks or other places where they can be hung.
5) The service life is 30 days after opening. After two months, please take out the material in the inner net bag of the colored egg, put the slow-release material in the replacement package, buckle the colored egg, and it can continue to use for 30 days. After all of them are used, you can continue to buy replacement kits.
Matters needing attention:
1) The product can be used after opening the sealing film.
2) Effective space 1 m3
3)Do not mix with other products.
4)The product is non-toxic, but it should not be drunk or eaten in large quantities.
5) Please place it in a cool, dry and safe place where children cannot touch it.
6) Shelf life: 24 months

Product Name
Sterilization / bacteriostasis / disinfection / virus block out
magic egg
Main Ingredient
Cyclodextrin;Precursor slow-release chlorine dioxide
Sterilization / bacteriostasis / disinfection / virus block out
1*egg   2*  inner package 1*Lanyard

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