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How to use household ultraviolet germicidal lamps

The principle of ultraviolet sterilization is to destroy and change the DNA (deoxyribonucleic acid) structure of microorganisms through ultraviolet radiation, so that the bacteria die immediately or cannot reproduce their offspring, achieving the purpose of sterilization. Ultraviolet sterilization is a purely physical disinfection method. It has the advantages of simple and convenient, broad-spectrum and high-efficiency, […]

Sterilization, Sterilization knowledge

School disinfection solution

If schools purchase disinfectants, it depends on whether your school has professional disinfectants, especially elementary schools. After all, they are children. If you don’t pay attention, it is easy to cause safety accidents. If the school has professional disinfection personnel: You can buy 84 disinfectant + CELA slightly acidic hypochlorous acid disinfectant. 84 disinfectant is […]

Sterilization, Sterilization knowledge
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